Kindergarten Lesson
“Count Your Baskets” — K.NS.4 

1st Grade Lesson
“Take it to the Court” — 1.NSBT.5

2nd Grade Lesson
“Who Has the Skills?” — 2.NSBT.4

3rd Grade Lesson 
“Who is on the Court?”– 3.ATO.8

4th Grade Lesson 
“Hot Shot Patterns”– 4.ATO.5

5th Grade Lesson 
“A Basketball Tale” — 5.NSF.6

6th Grade Lesson 
“Expressions B-I-N-G-O”– 6.EEI.2

7th Grade Lesson 
“Basketball Parts & Wholes”– 7.NS.5

8th Grade Lesson
“Go for the 3 Pointer” — 8.EEI.6

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