These activities will help SC 7th Grade students reinforce their math skills outside of the classroom.

  • Miaʼs cell phone plan is $15 a month including free texting plus $0.20 per minute of call time. Mia made 30 minutes of calls this month, and 110 texts. How much does she have to pay?
  • Which is a better price? Why?
    a. 15oz. for $1.69
    b. 12 oz. for $1.49
  • 33.3% is the answer. What could the question possibly be? Challenge yourself to think of more questions.
  • Solve:
    2 + (-3) =
    (-2) + (-3) =
    (-2) + 3 =
  • Go to website: Choose a level and enjoy practicing your quick calculations.
  • There are three choices of jellybeans: grape, cherry and orange. If the probability of getting a grape is 3/10 and the probability of getting cherry is 1/5, what is the probability of getting orange?
  • Twice a number (n) minus nine is ninety-five. Find the number (n).
  • Try a new activity at Challenge yourself. What did you choose to do?
  • A menu has these options for sandwiches: 3 types of bread, 4 meat choices, and 5 topping choices. How many possible sandwiches can be made? Can you create a different menu with the same outcome?
  • Solve:
    45 ÷ (-9) =
    (-105) ÷ (-15) =
  • Look up a math topic and read about the history. Who discovered it? How was it used? Ex. pi, gallons, metric.
  • Joe has an 80ft:1inch scale- drawing of the floor plan of his house. On the floor plan, the dimensions of his rectangular living room are 1 7/8 inches by 2 1/2 inches. What is the area of living room in square feet?
  • Write an expression for the sequence of operations below:
    Add 3 to x, subtract the result from1, then double what you have.
  • Visit the website yourself with fun activities! List them.
  • If the product of 6 integers is negative, at most how many of the integers can be negative?
  • Games Unlimited buys video games for $10. The store increases the price 300%.
    What is the price of the video game?
  • Go to website: Choose a resource to explore.
  • Using a grocery store receipt, figure what percentage of the bill was spent on vegetables, meat, drinks, junk food, and other.
  • Can a triangle have more than one obtuse angle? Will three sides of any length create a triangle?
  • Describe situations in which opposite quantities combine to make 0.
  • The pages of a book are numbered consecutively from 1 to 275. How many times is the digit 8 used in numbering the pages?
  • Choose a favorite professional athlete and research his/her annual salary. How much does s/he earn in a month? A day?
  • Choose an activity at Math Illuminations.
  • A circle has a circumference of 28π centimeters (cm). What is the area, in cm, of this circle? Show all work necessary to justify your response.
  • Using a receipt, find the mean, median, and mode of the prices of the items on the receipt from a store (grocery, clothing).
  • Solve:3w + 2 = 20. Can you write a real world problem that this equation represents?
  • Joe has a bag containing 8 red sweets, 9 yellow ones and
    11 green. He takes out a sweet and eats it, then, he takes out a second sweet. What is the probability that both the sweets are red?
  • Visit the website:
  • Play a game with positive & negative integers.
  • Play a strategy game.
    Ex. Monopoly, Parcheesi, Mancala, Connect Four. What strategy did you use?
  • Look up a famous math person and read about him/her. What did he/she discover? How was it used? Ex. Fibonacci, Pythagoras.
  • Play Sudoku from the newspaper. How did logic help you to solve the puzzle?
  • Visit the website Figure this and solve a real life math challenge.
  • George’s weekly pay rate is $455 per week. He receives a 20% raise. What is his new weekly wage rate?
  • m∠A= 13∘ and
    Are the angles complementary?
  • Visit the website: and play Connect Three with positive & negative integers.
  • Calculate: 7 x 8 =
    (-7) x 8 =
    (-7) x (-8) =
  • Find the area of a circle if the diameter is 20 feet.
    A = πr2
    π ≈ 3.14
  • Dave buys 2 pineapples and some bananas. One pineapple is
    $2.99. Bananas are $0.67 per lb. He wants to spend less than
    $10.00. Write an inequality that represents the number of pounds of bananas, b, he can buy.
  • Dan’s salary is $70 less than Sam’s, whose weekly salary is $50 more than Jan’s. If Jan earns $280 per week, how much money does Dan earn per week?
  • In the following equation, a and b are both integers, find their value:
    a(3x – 8) = b – 18x
  • Make a paper airplane and fly it several times. Find the mean, median, and mode of the distance your plane can fly.
  • On May 1st, Jay’s mom gave him 1 cent. Each day, she paid double the amount she paid the day before. How much money did Jay earn in total by May 15?
  • Two adjacent angles are always complementary. True or false?