These activities will help SC 5th Grade students reinforce their math skills outside of the classroom.

  • With partner, put 5 cards face up. Turn a 6th card, to be a Target Card. Each player uses the cards to make the Target Card #. All 5 cards must be used only once. Use +, -, x, and/or ÷.
  • Use four 4ʼs to create problems that will equal 1-12. Remember to use the correct order of operations to solve your problems: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply or Divide, Add or Subtract.
  • 286,489 is an odd number. How many times greater is the 8 in the ten thousands place than the 8 in the tens place? Explain your thinking.
  • .75 is the answer. What could the question possibly be? Challenge yourself to think of more questions.
  • Six friends have 4 sandwiches to share. What fraction of a sandwich would each person get?
  • Express the number 50 in at least 25 different ways. Use all 4 operations and include fractions and decimals.
  • Write an expression for:
    Add 2 and 4 and multiply the sum by 3. Next, add 5 to that product and double the result.
  • Try a new activity at Challenge yourself. What did you chose to do?
  • On Saturday 3/4 of a 5th grade class went to see a new movie. If 1/2 of the class went to the afternoon session, what fraction of the class went to the evening session?
  • Count cricket chirps for 15 sec. Add 39. This will give you the F. temp outside. Try it on 3 different days. Does it work?
  • Choose a favorite professional athlete and research his/her annual salary. How much does he/she earn in a month? A day?
  • A rectangle is twice as long as it is wide. Its width is 5 ½ cm. Find the area of the rectangle.
  • The sum of two mixed numbers with unlike denominators is 5 3/5. What might the two mixed numbers be? Show as many different solutions as you can.
  • A California Condor has a 114 inch wingspan. How many feet is that?
  • You have 2 ⅝ pizzas to share equally with 3 people. How much pizza will each person get?
  • Monday through Friday a baker uses 1 ¼ sacks of flour each day when baking cakes. Will the baker use more than or less than 5 sacks of flour from Monday through Friday?
  • Place parentheses in the following equation to make it true.
    6 + 6 ÷ 6 × 6 – 6 = 0
  • Deal 3 cards to make a 3-digit number. Even numbers are whole numbers. Odd numbers are decimals. Repeat this. Add the 2 #s. Turn over 3 new cards per turn. Continue to add the # to last score. Game to 300.
  • Tom built a backyard pen for his new puppy. The length of the pen was 6 ¼ meters and the width was 4 meters. What is the area of the pen?
  • Multiply two fractions together to get the number 1. What do you notice?
  • Write a story for this problem? Can you use ½ x ¼ to solve the problem
    2 ÷ 1⁄3?
  • Problem: There is ½ of a pizza missing. If Jamie eats ¼ of the remaining pizza, what fraction of the original pizza will he have eaten? Explain
  • Read Guinness Book of Records by Time Inc. What record surprised you the most? Why?
  • Choose a geometry activity at Math Illuminations.
  • Evan bought 6 roses for his mother. 2/3 of them were red. How many red roses were there? Prove your answer.
  • Is a 3 gallon pitcher large enough to hold 25 pints of juice? Explain
  • Play Sudoku from the newspaper. How did logic help you to solve the puzzle?
  • How many blades of grass are in a square yard of your backyard? Use logic, measurement, and problem solving strategies to find the answer.
  • Write a word problem for the equation below.
    1/2 x 2/3 = X Solve it!
  • There are 3 pizzas. Each child will get 1/4 of a pizza. How many children will get pizza? Find the sum and difference between two decimals. Compare the two decimals using >, =, and < symbols.
  • Visit the website Figure this and look for a real life math challenge.
  • Find a fraction or decimal in the newspaper. What did it relate to?
  • If you spend $100.00 a day, how many days will it take to spend a million dollars? How many years is that? What would you buy?
  • Have fun with the Thinking Blocks APP or website.
  • I am a number less than 50. When divided by 5, my remainder is 4. Who am I? Is there more than 1 correct answer?
  • Evaluate the following numerical expression.
    Can the parentheses in this expression be removed without changing the value of the expression?
  • Jen is 12. Amy is 13. In 25 years, what will be the product of their ages?
  • Leo & Mia are comparing the product of 60×225 to the product of 30×225. Mia says she can compare these products without multiplying the numbers. Explain how she might do this.
  • A box 2 centimeters high, 3 centimeters wide, and 5 centimeters long can hold 40 grams of clay. A second box has twice the height, three times the width, and the same length as the first box. How many grams of clay can it hold?
  • Find the sum of the digits of your phone number. What numbers is it divisible by?
  • If you buy 3 books at $3.95 each, how much change would you get from $20.00?
  • I am an even, 3 digit palindrome. (ex: 464). The product of the digits is 8. What number am I?
  • Measure different objects in your house to the nearest ½, ¼, and 1/8 of an inch then display your data on a line plot.